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JS Contractor is your source for all of your general contracting needs.  We offer bid assistance, job estimates, and final planning for completing your construction project on time.  Our team strives to be strong in customer service and to help you get your project together and completed on time.  We work with local and national banks to manage your construction loan and make the draws and paperwork easy and light on the home or business owner.  Please feel free to contact us with your construction contracting needs today.

Functional in Beauty and Form: Pergo Laminate Flooring  


Pergo, a trusted name in laminate flooring. Pergo Laminate Flooring carries the latest, most current designs in laminate today. They are setting the stage for a new era of flooring. Pergo Laminate flooring is designed to not only look beautiful, but last for years. Pergo can take what life dishes out. Pergo Laminate flooring is scratch and stain resistant. Its stain resistant technology protects it from oils, nail polish, and more. Pergo Laminate flooring can even withstand the wear and tear of children and pets.


Pergo Laminate Flooring

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Carpeting can hold dust mites, pollen, mold, airborne chemicals, and more. Allergy and Asthma suffers, breathe easier with Pergo Laminate Flooring. The fact that laminate floors are easier to clean and maintain than carpet has led it to be a very popular and sought after flooring.


Pergo Laminate Flooring has been around for over 30 years. They offer a wide selection of realistic looking designs that look great in any home or business. The texture of a Pergo floor gives it the look and feel of real hardwood.  


Armstrong Flooring

Wicanders Cork Flooring 


Pergo Elegant Expressions Narrow Strip laminate flooring offers Accuwood Textures and a satin gloss finish, for a beautiful shine. Installation is a snap with its dual-locking click system. With HPL construction, this floor was built to last. This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty to protect against stains, wear, fading, and water damage due to everyday spills and cleanup. The Elegant Expressions line comes in a variety of colors. (Bamboo Caramel, Hand scraped Bocote, Hand scraped Kingwood, Jatoba, Koa, Palissander, Santiago Cherry, and Yorkshire Chestnut.


Pergo Elegant Expressions Plank laminate flooring looks like a true hardwood, with a semi gloss finish and Accuwood Textures. The durable HPL construction makes this floor worry free. This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty to protect against stains, wear, fading, and water damage due to everyday spills and cleanup.

The Elegant Expressions Plank line comes in these colors (Berkshire Oak, Bordeaux Cherry, Craftsman Oak, Eastwick Oak, Hudson Oak, Lenox Oak, Riverside Red Oak, Black Walnut, Nantucket Pine, and Walton Applewood.


Homerwood Flooring

Anderson Flooring

Harris Wood Flooring


Pergo Commercial Plank flooring is one of the most durable laminates ever made. It’s tough enough to withstand mall traffic during the hectic Christmas season. For extra durability, it can even be installed in the home. The All Over Textures embossing and lacquered finish gives this floor the look of real hardwood. This floor is highly durable, with HPL construction and a Titan X finish. The dual lock clicking system makes for easy installation. This floor comes with a lifetime residential warranty, and a 10 year warranty for light commercial use. Available colors are (Branchport Cherry, Cabernet Oak, lacquered American Oak, Concord Oak, Lacquered Tuscan Walnut, Trevertine, and Milan Maple.


Pergo Commercial Narrow Strip flooring is known to be one of the toughest, most durable laminates on the market. It was created to withstand the busiest commercial traffic; Christmas Shoppers. For those who like the extra durability, it can even be installed in the home. With the Titan X finish and HPL construction, this floor is designed to last. The All-Over Texture embossing and lacquered finish, give this floor a natural hardwood look. The floor comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty, and a 10 year light commercial warranty. Available colors are (Carbonized Oak, Dark Oak, Chalked Oak, Seaside Pine, Exotic Fruitwood, and Salted Lapacho.


Pergo Accolade Flooring

Indusparquet Brazilian Pecan

Indusparquet Amendoim

Indusparquet Tigerwood 

Pergo Accolade laminate flooring has All-Over Textures random embossing to give it the look of real hardwood. For easy installation, the underlayment is attached to the flooring, and has a dual-locking installation system. The Pergo Accolade line comes in a variety of colors. (American Beech, Bedford Cherry, Hampton Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Medium Cherry, Bleached Pine, Midnight Mahogany, Reclaimed Barnwood, Pembroook Oak, Rustic Oak, Savanna Oak, and Southport Oak. This product comes with a 25 year Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty to protect against stain, wear, fading, and water damage due to everyday spills and cleanup.

For more detailed information on Pergo laminate floors, hand scraped flooring, or hardwood flooring in Atlanta please visit the comments above.

How to Clean Your Apartment Carpet Thoroughly  

One of the worst things about moving out of an apartment is all of the cleaning you have to do on the last day there. The better you clean the place, the better chance you have of getting that deposit back (and if you’re like me you really want it back). Before you begin moving all your stuff out, the prospect of cleaning the apartment carpet probably has not even crossed your mind. After you cart the endless piles of belongings out of the building your are greeted with a new, more frightening view. A splotchy carpet, with all sorts of stains that you can barely remember is looking back at you, and the prospect of getting that deposit back is looking less likely all the while. At this point you have to reassess your situation. If your deposit is only for $50 I would just suggest walking away. If it is closer to $400, or even more than that, you will have to do a quick bit of thinking and really pull out all the stops to make that carpet look good as new.

Getting the stains out of the carpet is going to be the biggest challenge you have to face. If the stains happen to be relatively new – a few days old – then you are in luck. If on the other hand they are much older, they will have completely bonded to the carpet fibers, and will be much harder to get rid of. It is important realize right now that you won’t be able to get rid of all your stains with the same product. No matter what the commercial says, different stains require different chemicals. For any red wine stains that you have club soda is the answer. For food stains, try break cleaner. Just make sure to put it on to a cloth and then gently blot the carpet, if you poor it on the carpet might fall apart. If your problem is with pet urine and the accompanying smell, you should employ a strong enzyme product. It will take care of the smell and most of the stain as well. If you have markers, ink or grease to deal with WD40 will probably take it out. If all of these methods fail to remove your stains, try peroxide or baking soda.

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After the stains are gone, cleaning your apartment carpet is a simple matter of running a steam cleaner over it to make it smell nice. Now hopefully you will be able to get that hefty security deposit back or your work was all for nothing.